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Top tips for happy feet


Enjoy the sun safely!

Heading out to enjoy the lovely sunshine in your flip-flops? Don't forget the sun cream! Many of us often forget to apply sun cream to our feet, which can lead to UV damage, as well as painful sunburn. To protect your feet and ensure that lovely sun kissed glow from head-to-toe, ensure you regularly apply the appropriate factor of UV protection for your skin your feet, including your toes and the sides of your feet. Going barefoot on the sandy shores? Remember the soles of your feet. 


Gently remove hard skin

Beautiful, soft looking feet look wonderful in your favourite sandals. Whilst hard skin is a perennial problem for some - everyone is at increased risk of hard, cracked skin in the summer months. Prevent painful and unseemly cracked skin and heels by taking care of your feet all year round. By establishing a regular foot care routine, you can have beautifully soft skin throughout the summer. Gently remove hard skin with an emery board style foot file. It is advised to do this before bathing when the skin is hard and dry. Do not use any sharp implements like a blade, pumice or metal grater style file as this can remove too much skin leading to painful feet.


Clean, dry and moisturised!

For healthy feet, wash and thoroughly towel dry your feet daily. When washing your feet use warm water and non-scented products. Do not soak your feet for long periods as this removes the natural oils and minerals from the skin and can cause the skin to become dry.

Keep your feet soft and supple and help them to retain essential moisture by applying your favourite foot moisturising cream. Apply all over the foot but avoid the area between the toes - this is a very moist area and the excess cream may promote a fungal infection. Foot creams contain richer ingredients that normal body creams, daily use will help keep your feet beautifully healthy. Unsure of the best foot cream for your skin type? Ask your podiatrist for advice!

Want more?

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