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Top tips for happy feet


Get the right shoes!

Purchasing a good pair of winter shoes/boots is a must. Ideally, they should be water proof, with a good grip to prevent slips and fall and also a little roomier to accommodate the thicker socks that may be worn.


Keep your feet warm!

Keeping your feet warm in the winter months is difficult but essential to maintain healthy feet.  Chilblains are a common foot problem especially when the blood supply is compromised.  If the feet are cold for several hours, the skin may swell and turn red or dark blue. When the feet are warmed, the skin becomes very itchy and irritable and can break and blister.

Thermal socks can help, a 2.3 tog sock made of natural fibres (e.g. wool) will help maintain a good temperature and stop the feet from getting too cold. Always remember to have socks with no or very loose elastic around the calf. If the elastic is too tight and leaves an indentation in the leg this may restrict the blood flow. If you are prone to sweaty feet, then a sock made from synthetic material will be better as this will absorb the moisture.


Don't neglect your feet

During the winter months the feet are hidden and therefore we pay little attention to them. The feet will dry out in the winter which can lead to cracks and peeling of the skin. Keep your feet moisturised especially around your heels and avoid between the toes.  Make sure your nails are trimmed and are neat and tidy.

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