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When attending for a biomechanical assessment we would advise to wear shorts or loose trousers that can be rolled up so the ankles and knees can be examined. Please also bring along your everyday footwear and any sports shoes.

What Will Happen During The Appointment?
Using the latest technology from Hudl, the assessment will involve the podiatrist observing your gait pattern (the way you walk) and balance. This can be done by walking up and down the corridor or on a treadmill.  More observations will be taken of posture, standing position and the positioning of the feet. The podiatrists will then carry out some tests on the feet to observe positions and range of motion/movement.

What Will Happen After The Appointment?
A diagnosis will then be made and treatment options will be given which may include education, tailored stretching exercises, insoles and orthotics. With the use of Hudl, we provide you with your own video analysis by email. This can be especially useful for helping improve running technique and preventing injury, helping you get the best out of your workout.  





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