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Custom Made Orthotics

If you experience foot, knee, hip or back pain that persists, you may need orthotics. A full Biomechancial Assessment is required to diagnose your condition and prescribe the appropriate orthotic for your needs.

Orthotics can help correct structural defects such as flat feet or high arches, as well as reduce heel pain, bunions and callus formation. Since our feet are the foundation of our body, orthotics can also help eliminate related ankle, knee, hip and back pain.

Perfecting the art of custom orthotic fabrication by combining advanced CAD/CAM technology and hand craftsmanship, we use specialist software to scan the feet formulating an accurate biomechanical prescription resulting in an elegant foot-bed that will be a precise fit for maximum comfort. This type of orthotic can replace the generic insoles to ensure your footwear is wholly tailored to you so you can reap the benefits.

Available in a range of styles and materials to accommodate individual needs, styles available include the casual line, dress line, sport line, speciality line and diabetic line.

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