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At MY Foot Clinic we have vast experience providing the highest level of nail surgery. Our podiatrist ensure a careful and skilled approach and will be happy to discuss any queries or concerns you may have.

An assessment will be carried out prior to the nail surgery appointment being made. This is essential to determine what procedure you require, if you are suitable for surgery a consent form is signed to say you’re happy to go ahead with the surgery.

What Will Happen During The Appointment?
It will be agreed whether a small section of nail (partial nail avulsion) or the whole nail (total nail avulsion) will be removed. This is carried out under a local anaesthetic.  Two injections are given to the base of the toe; the area will be checked prior to the surgery to make sure you are happy and the podiatrist is happy the whole toe is completely numb.  Once the nail is removed (which is a very simple and quick procedure) then an acid will be applied called phenol to stop the nail or the section of nail from ever growing back.  The toe will be dressed and an appointment will be made for the first dressing within one week of surgery.

The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes to carry out and the area will be numb for approximately for 2-3 hours after the surgery.  It is essential to rest and elevate the foot after the surgery and no pressure should be put upon the toe.

What Happens After The Appointment?
The wound can take approximately 4-6 weeks to heal for a partial nail avulsion and 8-10 weeks for a total nail avulsion.  You will be shown how to dress the toe and will be seen regularly until the wound is healed.





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