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Avoid touching or scratching the verrucae as it will spread.  In many cases, the verrucae will disappear on its own within approximately six months for children but longer for adults (up to two years). This is because the body’s immune system recognises the presence of the virus and fights the infection naturally but it can take many months for this to happen. Therefore if it is painless, no treatment is required.

What Will Happen During The Appointment?
An assessment will need to be carried out to see if you are suitable for treatment and if a treatment regime is agreed then the acid will be applied and then repeated approximately every 2 weeks. The most effective treatment contains salicylic acid which when applied to the verrucae, helps to disintegrate the viral cells.  Sometimes, merely by rubbing away the dry skin over verrucae and applying a plaster helps to stimulate the body’s immune system to fight the infection. 

What Will Happen After The Appointment?
It may take a long time for the verrucae to completely go therefore patience and dedication is needed if you start a verrucae treatment regime. There is no guarantee the treatment will work. 





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